Solid Roots

El Roser 2 Restaurant, located in one of the most beautiful bays in the world, was founded in 1982 by Rafel Sabadí Hereu and his wife Angelina Vilá. It soon became a benchmark in the area thanks to its excellent raw materials, its cuisine and its privileged location facing the sea. Currently Jordi Sabadí and his wife Nuri Pons run the restaurant continuing with the same philosophy: good service, good product and cuisine adapted to current tastes.

Enjoy our seafood cuisine

The cuisine of the restaurant is based on the Empordà recipe and a personalized seafood cuisine sensitive to the change of seasons. The duality of the Empordà character coexists in the restaurant’s cuisine, this common sense and rage of ours is reflected in the gastronomic proposals we present.

Tasting menu

We suggest a short trip through our most current cuisine.
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Menu Gran Mariscada

Enjoy the best seafood offered by the sea that is our table companion.
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Spring Menu

Enjoy our most casual proposal from Monday to Friday.
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Our menu

Our gastronomic offer ranges from the most traditional seafood cuisine to one that is personalized, more imaginative and more evolved in a sensible and natural way.

We take special care to choose the product that comes to us from the neighboring ports and the nearby vegetable garden, making sure that the best raw material is always within our reach.

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Take away

With our take away menu you can now enjoy traditional Catalan cuisine in your home with all due respect for the product and our tradition.

We made the take away letter reminiscent of our cross-country roots.

Take Away

Enjoy good food in front of the sea.

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